New Regulation for Medical Suppliers

medical supplier

China customs have announced a new regulation for medical suppliers effective as of today 1st April 2020. We have to pay high attention in case the supplier cannot provide the NMPA approved register number. Medical goods might be stuck in the airport not allow to export.


New regulation for Medical suppliers

The medical suppliers will involve different products as mentioned on customs announcements therefore the list will be different. Eg. Masks will depend on the use of general protection. Stated as “medical mask” if clear declare as a medical mask then the “electronic declaration” Will require NMPA approval. We should pay high attention to the medical goods from now on perhaps we should share such information with oversea/network.

From beginning April 1, companies that export new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometers must provide written or electronic declarations when they declare to customs.

At present, the global epidemic situation is accelerating. On the basis of preventing and controlling the epidemic, it is an important measure to deepen international cooperation. Preventing and controlling the epidemic and jointly respond to the global public health crisis.

In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, in order to effectively support the global fight against the epidemic, ensure product quality and safety, and regulate the export order, starting April 1, the export of new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometers, etc. When the enterprise declares to the customs, it must provide a written or electronic declaration. They must also provide proof that the export products have obtained China’s medical device product registration certificate. This certificate meets the quality standards of the importing country.

The customs shall inspect and release the medical device product registration certificate approved by the drug regulatory department. The above-mentioned quality supervision measures for the export of medical supplies will be adjusted dynamically. According to the development of the epidemic situation.

This new regulation for medical suppliers is relevant to medical material export enterprises. They should ensure product quality and safety, meet relevant standards and requirements. In this way, this regulation actively supports the international community by fighting the epidemic.



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