Palpation Auscultation Manikin

What types of medical mannequins can we find?

Simulation mannequins serve to stimulate, train and achieve an improvement in the technical and emotional skills of students. The evolution of the same over time has allowed to provide them with greater realism and complexity, so that the practice of professionals and students in the field of medicina becomes more effective.

A mannequin aims to bring the student closer to the greatest possible real situation. It also allows the failure, to repeat the action, correct it and perfect it.

But, which mannequin to choose? It will depend on the technique, specialty or medical action you want to correct.

From Wellmed  Pro, we tell you a little more about the variety of this article in the market and its main features.

Mannequins for nursing

Mannequins for Nursing

The nursing mannequin is full-scale, that is, full-body. In that way, you can practice techniques of general care of the  patient as well as techniques oriented to  evaluation, measurement or intervention of patterns on the patient.

Maternal and neonatal birth emergency simulation dummies

Maternal Simulator

Among the many functions that these mannequins develop, we find:

  • Can measure fetal head descent and cervical dilation.
  • Can simulate multiple placenta position
  • Can set venous channel in maternal arm for giving administration and nutrition
  • Vulvar suture practice modules, including left lower, medial and right lower three incision position;
  • Tracheal intubation training
  • Manually simulate carotid artery pulse
  • CPR training: artificial respiration and heart compression available, electronic monitoring operation date and a voice prompt chest rise when inflation can be observed obviously. Electronic monitoring of inflation volume, frequency and compression position, frequency and depth)

In the case of the mannequin offered by  Wellmed Pro, you will find the following  system Components:

1. Gravida mannequin (for delivery abd adult fi rst aid).

2. Neonatal mannequin (for first aid and nursing care).

3. Fetal mannequin (fordelivery).

4. Other auxiliary set.

Palpation Auscultation mannequin

Palpation Auscultation Manikin

Wellmed Pro offer a palpation auscultation mannequin with following functions:

1.Remote controlled teaching

2.Elective palpation positions and experience of different symptoms

3.Palpation: liver palpation, spleen palpation, gallbladder palpation and syntheses palpation, frequent disease ten-derness and rebound tenderness.

Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask what you need.

Wellmed Pro

Wellmed Pro

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