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Carmela Alías. Resident of Family and Community Medicine.

A Coffee With Carmela Alías

From Wellmed Pro, we want to know what are the concerns of young doctors. They have had to learn against the clock in this pandemic, adapting to different situations and having to provide support beyond their specialties. For all these reasons, it is important to consider and support these new generations, on which the future and generational change of medicine is based.

In our inaugurated section A coffee with, we are proud to introduce you to Carmela Alías Candel. She is resident of Family and Community Medicine at the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia (Spain).

We met with her in a downtown bar, close to her workplace. With the protection measures and enjoying a delicious coffee, Carmela tells us her concerns about health.

The New Generations of Doctors: The Future of Medicine.

*J: Journaliste *C: Carmela.

J. What has it meant for you, after a 5-year career and after having passed the MIR, to achieve residency in your hometown, Murcia?

C. It has been the biggest and most desired change I have had in my life. There have been many years of study and finally, reaching the goal that you have been considering for so long is very satisfactory. Experiencing clinical practice is what I am really passionate about.

J. And during these last months of residence, how have you experienced the uncertainty caused by Covid19 in your country, Spain?

C. The truth has been difficult. During the months of the pandemic, we had to support and assist many patients with symptoms of Covid19, which has made us take an over-effort at the learning level, since we had to attend to our medical specialization at the same time as the pandemic. Despite this, it is our duty and we are very grateful to be able to help in such difficult times. Family doctors have been essential when it comes to detecting and managing Covid patients.

J. Have you experienced any situation that could have caused you stress during the pandemic?

C. The guards. Especially at the beginning of this pandemic. The disconcerting situation that was experienced worldwide, led me to have to attend to many symptoms of respiratory problems associated with Covid. In many of those moments, our only protection was the mask, since we could not know if the symptoms were associated with Covid or another type of disease.

J. Therefore, you also suffered from the lack of sanitary material that was experienced in many other countries.

C. It’s almost. Even my colleagues who experienced the beginning of this complicated situation used plastic bags as tights or hats. Those days were quite “terrifying”, according to what I was told.

J. Do you consider then that, now, the situation has improved? Do you think there is a greater understanding of the importance of the availability of medical supply and of the medical work itself?

C. Totally. I think people have seen the importance of health service. Even so, in terms of medical supplies, it is true that we have a good supply availability. However, from our side, as doctors and residents, we have also reflected. We are very aware of the efficient use that must be made of the media and of the importance it plays in our day-to-day life and the security it offers us, both for ourselves and for the patient. It is like a “fear” that we have internalized that a situation of lack such as the one we have experienced may occur.

J. Once we overcome the pandemic, will the current situation affect the paradigm of medicine in Spanish health?

C. Yes, in fact, I think it is already changing. Virtual consultations are prevailing over face-to-face consultations, especially in the younger population sector.

J. How do you see yourself when you finish your residency?

C. I see myself safe and capable of going to my health center every day, treating my patients and safe from the education received. Spanish healthcare is one of the best in the world, so the responsibility of young people and future doctors is very high.

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