Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for You?


Maintaining good hand hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Hands are the main vehicle of microbial transmission. Hand washing is often the most important measure to avoid the spread of pathogens and prevent infection.


Soap and water would be enough to avoid infection but we do not always have a place to wash them. To do this, health authorities recommend using antiseptic gels, also known as alcoholic solutions or hand sanitizers.


  • Alcohol gel is still alcohol, as flammable as its liquid version, but more sticky.

  • You just have to get them close to the fire after using the gel.

  • You should also not light a cigarette, or go near the kitchen stove.


You don’t need water or soap so that in a matter of seconds, your hands are clean, disinfected and sanitized. The implementation of alcohol gel has a presence in medical centers, food courts or schools.

All-day long we are using our hands to perform various tasks; cooking, cleaning, writing on a computer or caressing our children. This is why hands are one of the parts of the body that generate the most transmission of microorganisms.

hand sanitizer

Below we will give you 3 tips where alcohol gel is the protagonist, take note:

  • Object disinfectant:  With a few drops of alcohol gel you can leave your computer, television or cell phone free of stains and bacteria.

  • Lens cleaner:  With a special lens wipe and a few drops of alcohol gel, the lenses of your glasses will be shiny.

  • Remove surface stickiness:  If you see a sticky window, or the surface of your kitchen furniture is dirty, apply alcohol gel and those annoying stains immediately come out.

By being in permanent contact with all these things, we are more exposed to contracting contagious diseases such as colds and so on. That is why it is normal that we look for ways to protect ourselves and our family from these agents.

Antibacterial gel is the best option to apply to our hands. These are the ones in most contact with the world, you can sanitize them in a quick and simple way.



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